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We have produced weddings at private estates, five-star hotels and chateaus and celebrated in barns and on beaches, always providing specialized attention and delightful details. From our worldly experience, we bring a nuanced aesthetic and can tackle any hurdle, resulting in a truly unforgettable celebration.

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Aneta MAK

Whimsical Countryside Estate Wedding

Traditional English with a twist, this whimsical countryside wedding incorporates cultural significance and countryside charm. From the  dessert table treats, to the traditional Tamil necklace ceremony, Catherine Mead captured it all. The...


French Wedding in the Countryside of Bergerac from Aneta MAK + Mary Lee Herrington Celebrations

Equal parts French Country and insanely stylish, this wedding is one of those beauties that seems totally effortless yet is jam-packed with so much style. And it all starts with a Bride as glamorous as they come (that veil cap!) and so many beautiful images by Aneta MAK. What does gorgeous and love filled look like you ask?


Paris Engagement Session from Aneta MAK + Mary Lee Herrington Celebrations

If you know me in the slightest, you know that given the chance, I would pick my hubby (and puppy) up and move to Paris tomorrow. I am not exaggerating one little bit. I love that city as if I grew up there, and it's only because in a small way, I did. There is something about Paris that is different from any other place, and to see an engagement session capturing the love of two people who grew up in way there too, pulls at my heart strings like you wouldn't believe. So this post captured...


South of France Wedding from Polly Alexandre + Mary Lee Herrington Celebrations

France is place of magical possibilities. That's a given. But while Paris always gets my heart ever-pounding, it's the stunning landscapes in the South of France that truly take my breath away. With layers upon layers of lovely woven throughout the day by Mary Lee Herrington Celebrations, this intimate affair is the picture of perfect when it comes to destination "I dos." ...